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Sagrada Familia

Beyond just graphic and typographic explorations

Sagrada Familia is a project that pushes the limits of graphic and typography explorations. Inspired by Gaudí’s famous cathedral in Barcelona, these designs reflect from the vivid colors used in the stained glasses, to the organic shapes in the facades and towers. The challenge of this project was to use an existing book and redesign the cover, as well as the type in the inside spreads for both the physical and the ebook. The chosen book is titled “Sagrada Familia” by Gijs Van Hensbergen, inspired and centered around the majestic deign of the cathedral.

The goal of this project was centered around the successful use of graphic and typographic design principles. Pushing the limits and finding new ways of work along a grid to create the unexpected.  


Book Cover

Book Spreads





Typography ll

09.13.2021 - 11.18.2021

Book Spreads

This was the first part of the project, and was largely an exercise of how perfect we could get large amounts of text inside of a book. This was really about choosing great layouts, and challenging ourselves with 20 pages of information, fit without rivers, runts, orphans and more.


open book showing the spread
open book.png


After designing the spreads for the physical book, we were prompted to design spreads for an e-book format. Thinking about creating an engaging format that allows for good legibility and readability, the biggest challenge for it was making the spreads look cohesive yet dynamic and unique between each other.


7_ ebook.png

Book Cover

Moving forward to my favorite part of the project, the third prompt was to design a book cover for the first two volumes of the series. Working along a grid, created by me as well, I pursued a dynamic look that could be adapted to multiple designs while still keeping it cohesive. 




Inspired by the same topic, this calendar is meant to reflect and portray one of the strongest characteristics of the cathedral; the towers. Based on the organic shapes, this calendar pushes the boundaries between structure and movement. Initial designs were created on illustrator, to be laser cut on illustration board and constructed with the same, vinyl stickers and translucent acrylics.




As the last part of this project, we had to design a poster that went along with the same theme. The design prompt for this format was to make it dynamic and unexpected. Using words that allude to the name and descriptions of the place of choosing, this typographic poster challenges the boundaries of design and typography. 

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