PicNic is an ecosystem that diminishes scenarios in which users have negative feelings due to their allergies and dietary needs. Through a personalized profile, functions such us event planning, recommendations, and ingredient scanning allow the user an enhanced and more enjoyable dining experience.

Project Duration

01.06.2020 - 03.14.2020

Ten Weeks


Human Computer Interaction

Prof. June Yoon

Team Members

Kayla Bocage

Camila Odio

Domenica Basantes

Lindsay Crawley

My Role

Project Mannager

UX Engineer


Process Book

Vision Video


The difficulties that users with allergies and dietary restrictions face as a cause of their dining experience being inconvenient and unsafe, make them feel as if they are a burden to the people around them, left out of social situations, and only have the option to eat food that they cook at home.

The Problem

People with allergies and restrictions don’t enjoy the dining experience because their current one is inconvenient and unsafe.

Our Goal

Enhance dining experiences for people who are limited due to allergies and dietary restrictions by facilitating technological and practical resources that create a more enjoyable experience.

It's all about the personalized experience


Getting to know you...

Set your dietary profile in order to make your experience all about you!



Explore your Profile

and gather your favorites

Through their dietary profile, users can view past and saved recipes and restaurants, search and scan for friends, and manage their settings.

Scroll through your feed

and get recommendations

Restaurants and recipes curated to your personal dietary profile assist in avoiding boring and repetitive meals.


Scan your food

and get all the ingredients

Paired devices allow the user to scan the ingredients of their food and automatically log the data into their accounts.

The process

Research Methods


55 targeted responses

Goal: Determine general commonalities between our target group, in order to narrow down their main pain points.

User Interviews

10 participants