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2nd Place overall

Start-Up is a week-long design sprint hosted by FLUX - the UX club in collaboration with SCADpro. Student teams were given seven days to fully develop and flush out a startup idea and pitch it to industry professionals, from companies such as IBM, Google, and Adobe.

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Den is an ecosystem that gives a voice to safety. Aimed towards the most critical moment of one who is trying to escape domestic violence, Den provides clarity, stability and safety. Through the use of the certified Mosaic test, a safety checklist, and a Den home, this platform is designed to be of aid in the most critical moments.

Project Duration

02.07.2020 - 02.14.2020

One Week


2nd Place Overall

Team Members

Edena Alvarado

Taylor Primuth

Harsh Singhal

Gabriel Vizcarrondo


Giving a Voice



75% of abused women

are killed in the first two weeks after leaving 


After conducting our secondary research, we decided to develop our concept based on the previous statistic. Knowing that the most critical stage lies between these first two weeks after leaving their abuser, we wanted to work on lowering that percentage. Having this in mind, we decided to develop three main pillars; clarity, stability and safety.


Victims start to believe that abuse is normal




One returns to where they were abused about 70 times in the first two weeks


On average, 7 tries are needed to successfully leave an abuser 


Key Features

Alias Stocks app

To provide anonymity

Tap or swipe left to immediately switch to the alias app.


Mosaic Method Threat Assessment System

Custom plan which can be revisited if there is a change in conditions

Safety Checklist to help gather items

Legal & Therapy help when needed



Secure Den homes

911 Keychain

Den is meant to accompany and provide the resources that are needed in order to safely leave the abuser. In order to provide safety during the set two weeks, Den provided preparation, safe escape and recovery.

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