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Agapanto is a Costa Rican hand-crafted clothing brand with a focus on garments being unique art pieces. With tie-dye as their brand statement and identity, their garments and textiles have transcended from being trendy, to being art statements.

I was tasked with giving this brand a unique digital experience through their website. Using HTML, CSS and JS to make the website look engaging and user friendly, this site has features that make it go beyond just an e-commerce website.

Project Duration

09.13.2021 - 11.18.2021
Ten Weeks


Applied Principles: Programming

The Home Page

With small details and features to make the first impression memorable and engaging, the home page transmits the brand's personality and lifestyle. With a scrolling feature to emphasize the versatility and diversity of tie dyes, this page portrays a simplistic yet modern look to appropriately represent the brand.

The Store

In order to stand out from any other e-commerce websites, this store features a clean approach. By creating divisions between products and displaying the patterns in small samples in the bottom, this store provides a user-friendly and intuitive interaction.


The Fitting Room

What brings it all together and makes the site unique! This feature allows users to try on the different garments this brand offers while making it fun and engaging. Try it all with just your camera and a click of a button!

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